Hi, I'm Jess

I was born & raised in Johannesburg, South Africa by a beautiful bunch of crazies I call family. I'm a portrait & lifestyle photographer and I specialize in telling visual stories that move the soul.

I’m a real adventurer, a creator, a wanderer, a passionate animal lover, and a barefoot soul at heart.

Many years ago, my mother handed me a camera and my eyes opened. Little did I know, this moment would change my path forever. Since then, I've pursued photography as a full-time career, capturing love and moments of inspiration, and meeting the coolest people along the way.

I believe in the magic that lives in all the small moments we share. Pure moments of joy, and love, and life. Every day is an adventure worth exploring

I believe that taking a good picture is one half of being a photographer. Being real and authentic is the other half - My personality, my style, my soul are what make my photography
Alex, Moss & Phoenix

When my beautiful baby boy entered this world I had the pleasure of having the wonderful Jess Sterk capture some of our first tender and precious moments together as a family. She was kind and attentive and full of emotion watching our new family navigate this new chapter. We felt her loving presence in the background snapping away as we laughed and played with our new son. She captured the most intimate moments without intruding, she held space for our newborn whilst getting pictures of him figuring out how to be himself in this world. I am so grateful I chose Jess to be involved in this special time. She was the perfect addition as she laughed and cried with us at the magic of birthing a baby. I have images now that I will forever hold so dear to my heart. As a new mama, the first few days are such a sleep-deprived, anxiety-driven blur, I am so grateful I had someone so tender and talented there to capture all those amazing moments for me. A million thank you's to Jess for your work and for being there to help us savor each new moment with our precious boy

Siobhan & Alex

Jess is an extremely charismatic and lovely human to be around! When I first saw her work online, I was instantaneously drawn to the way she grasped the memory of a moment in such a warm and loving manner, and the beautiful tones she uses in her photos. Once we met, I instantly grew fond of the person Jess is and the message she sends out with her images.
She knew exactly what setting my partner and I wanted for our couple shoot and where. “On top of the hill we go!” said Jess to me, And me being the free loving spirit and lover of nature that I am, I was instantly in love.
Being a photographer myself, I find myself being drawn to the photographers that inspire me to do my own personal shoots - I mean who doesn’t want their role model taking photos of them?!
The minute we started our shoot, Jess was adamant for Alex and me to be as candid as we wanted (another + for me as we aren’t models). She directed us where needed without making us feel as if we were putting on a show, but rather just completely embodying ourselves within the love we share.
Jess also took the extra mile and made us coffee for the cold afternoon which created the most amazing space for creation.
Thank you, Darling.

Stephan & Zanmarie

Best photographer and the most beautiful soul. Thank you, Jess, for being so amazing.

Abi Taljaard

Jess made a camera-shy girl feel comfortable enough to capture the moment perfectly. Her skills are impeccable.