Nicolle & Bas gifted me with an experience of real love that I will treasure and hold onto forever. When I first met up with them, we spoke for ages about everything that makes them who they are, their stories and how they became a couple in the first place. Nicolle is a creative, intellectual, but above anything, she’s a bouncing bubble of fun and electric energy. Bas is a DJ, whose love for house music found him traveling around the world, playing his beats, and meeting hundreds of people alike. He fell in love with the South African and cemented friendships that would last him a lifetime.

Their love for the music scene brought them together on the very streets that they were now celebrating their marriage. This blew my mind, and made me so flipping excited! Having gone the traditional wedding route back in Holland, they wanted to have something a little “off the wall” for their second celebration, including their closest friends and family and keeping it small and wild. This also meant that Bas’s side had an amazing excuse to get some traveling done here in South Africa.

Funnily enough, I’m half-dutch half-South African myself. My father was born in Enschede on the far east side of Holland, and so was Bas! This is where he grew up, this is where he took Nicolle, and this is where they still live happily ever after today. So, with the similarities climbing, the three of us clicked instantly, and I just could not wait to capture this for them!

Words don’t do justice for how this celebration unfolded. Honestly. It was PURE magic. From the bride driving herself to her very own wedding, to singing hymns with family and friends in the courtyard of a venue we’d all known for its major late-night raves. Nicolle’s outfit changes in the bathroom, whilst I held her dress and my camera in the other hand, working an insane balancing act as she slipped her converse shoes on.

Laughter, OH THE PURE LAUGHTER of this day was priceless! I’ll never forget being slung around the dancefloor by Nicolle’s dad, barely breathing and feeling completely exhausted, but there was no way in hell I was letting go! Thank you a million times, thank you, for the wildest day, and for choosing to share your unbelievable love story with me.

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