It’s always a strange sensation… meeting two people and feeling like you’ve known them your whole life. That’s what happened as soon as my lens found Von & Alex.

I found myself completely entranced as I watched them walk together and talk to one another, their fingers linked and intertwined. Imagine two majestic trees with their roots twirled and twisted together, their leaves dancing together gently in a breeze. That is quite honestly the description that fits them best. The energy that flows between them is utterly contagious. Ancient and child-like all at the same time.

I spent the day hiking up the rockery hill with Von & Alex. Camera slung over my shoulder, we climbed and waded through thick, green bushes and trees. Our picnic packed and waiting patiently to be unwrapped at the summit of our adventure. The two of them shared stories of their life and love with me, laughing and playing amongst the picturesque scenery as we climbed to the very top, where finally, we sat down to share some home-made tea and bask in the breathtaking views.

Feeling as free as a bird, as small as a delicate flower, and larger than all the worries in the world!