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Here's how it all goes down.

Whether this is your first time hiring a photographer, or you've been down this road before, I want this experience to be everything you could dream of and more.

Firstly, and this one's super important...

These are not my photographs, they're your memories.

I try to do things a little differently.

Because, as cheesy as this sounds, I care. Once upon a time, I fell in love with magic. The kind that exists in every single one of us. We’re all unique, and so are our love stories. Not one story is the same. So why place them in a box? This is SO MUCH MORE than just constructing the perfect image, this is about flow. Nothing staged, and nothing forced. 


So here's the thing..

Connection is everything. I'm not just a service, and you're not just my client. We're friends. I'm invested in you guys. I'm there to help you, support you, and create magic with you. That's why getting to know one another first is so so valuable.

Our relationship matters.

So, let's break some traditions and do this your way.


If you’re looking for someone to just rock up, get the photos done, cheap and easy, I’m not your girl. There’s a photographer out there for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay. You deserve to have a photographer that fits. 

The value in having someone there that you trust and love, now that’s priceless. When all the fun is done, what’s left in the end? I want you to be able to look back decades from now, and have the same emotions you feel right now, come rushing back in. That’s why the experience and the value of having a photographer that you love is priority number one.



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I want your photographs to be meaningful to you. To speak your love language.

Your truth.


There aren't any time restraints to our sessions, elopements, or wedding days. I'm prepped and ready to be there for the night before, or even the day after. That way, there's absolutely no pressure, and we can focus on being in the present. It's really not about shoving in as many smiles or laughs into 2-3 hours of booking time. There are highs, and then there are quiet moments too, snuggles on a shoulder, a hug that lasts a little longer. It's about feeling, and you'll know what feels right.


You are unique. So why should your photographs look like everyone else's? Our interaction, what we capture, and the artistic choices I use when editing your photos are a reflection of you. I want them to feel like home, and sometimes it's the small things that make all of the difference. I value your story, over instagram likes. Authenticity is what I stand for, which means I sway and move differently for each story I tell.


I like to ask my couples or families to prepare a playlist of their favourite jams. This is so much fun. There's nothing more awkward than dancing to the crickets and hearing the click, click, click of a camera behind you. You'll know when the silence feels right. And don't worry, if you are feeling a little odd, I'll always be there to guide you, make you laugh, and let you sink into the comfort of your own skin.


I can't wait to meet you.

Now that we’ve covered all of my backstory and what I have to offer, it’s time to take this thing to the next level. Let’s be friends and make magic together. 

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