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Got Questions?

Well, I've got answers. Here are the most frequent questions I've been asked about. If I haven't covered something, please feel free to reach out and ask.


• How long have you been a photographer?

9 years, 8 months and 14 days. Jokes, I've been shooting for going on a decade.

• What time of day do you prefer to shoot?

Golden hour / Blue hour. My favourite time to shoot is just before the sun is about to set, and directly after. Photography is ALL ABOUT light, and I chase it all the time. So to be honest, it doesn't really matter. Light and I go way back.

• How long is each session?

I don't like putting time restraints on my sessions. They're adventures. Couple's sessions are generally a bit shorter than family ones, but I generally book off half a day for either and then we see where the day takes us.

• And what about elopements and weddings?

The same as my sessions, there aren't any time restraints. My fee is not determined by the amount of time I spend with you guys. Elopements and weddings are generally out-of-town, so I can be there with you the night before, and even the day after. I'm in it with you.

• Where are you based? And do you travel?

I'm currently based in Melville, Johannesburg. And yes, I like planes.

• Are there any other fees I should know about?

I don't charge for travel costs within Northern Johannesburg, SA. Anything outside of that circle I charge for. Flights, and accommodation are not included either.

• How many photographs do we get?

Each package varies with how many photographs I hand over, but I don't have a set limit. I'll make sure to include as many as I can of everything that I capture. These are your memories, and I'm not here to charge more for extra photographs.

• What is your turn around time?

For sessions, my turnaround time is around 2 weeks, and for elopements and weddings, 6 weeks. This varies based on how busy the season is, so I'll be sure to communicate this with you. I like to give each image the attention it deserves, so patience. No one likes a rushed job.

• Do you give the RAW/unedited files?

No. My editing is the other half of the magic. If I handover the RAW images, I've only done half of the work. You don't have to worry about me not including all of your moments. If you feel like I've missed something, you can always ask.

• How do payments work?

There's a 50% deposit required to secure your date for sessions, and a 30% deposit for elopements and weddings. The amount remaining needs to be paid prior to your shoot date.

• Can you photoshop us?

If it's a bruise, a blemish, some acne that's not usually supposed to be there, I'll get rid of those for sure. Other than that, I prefer to keep it as natural as possible. If you're feeling conscious about something, let me know, I'll make sure to not highlight anything you're not feeling comfortable with.

• What do we wear?

Try and keep things loose. The tighter, the more uncomfortable you'll feel on the day. Other than that, keep it comfortable, keep it easy. I've got ideas on colour pallets that work too, so be sure to ask!

• What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

I fully understand that things happen, but should you need to cancel, your deposit is legally non-refundable. If you need to reschedule and the new date is within a seven day period, your deposit will still apply. A new deposit will be required after the seven day period.

• What if you cannot make it to our wedding?

Heaven forbid this happens, and it would have to be something that is completely out of my control (Illness, death, accident). You will also be refunded your money. I would also do my best to find a replacement photographer for you that I trust and love, even though I am not legally obligated to do so.

• What if there is bad weather?

I try to encourage embracing whatever weather comes on the day because it unique and it makes for some very interesting and beautiful photographs. If it's so bad that we're being blown over and we could potentially die, then yes, let's cancel haha!

• Do you offer discounts?

Not usually. I do give 20% of my earnings to charities that I support and work with. I also run promotions quite often, so keep a lookout for those.

Questions answered?

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