When you truly love someone, you love their past and their future, you love how they change and grow over time, you love them for their worst and their best.

The universe took me all the way to The Crags again, and I got to wrap my arms around Phoenix, Alex, and Moss. We watched Phoenix run around the house, showing us things and using his incredible little language to tell us all about his life. His cat, his bedroom, his garden. Alex and I laughed and drank tea and spoke while the sun slowly started to set.

It was a warm afternoon with a gentle breeze, and sun rays peeking through the trees around us. Finally, because we couldn’t contain our excitement, we took a short walk up to the spot where Alex and Moss have been building their home. Like something out of a dream!

Horses grazing in green fields behind, mountains around them holding them safely, and sunlight everywhere! We stood on the foundations of what will soon be their safe haven. Ric and I listened intensely as Moss pointed and explained the floorplan, where everything is going to be, and how he’s going to build it. Alex showed us where their veggie garden would grow and how the driveway would swirl around and fit on the grounds, while Phoenix ran in between us all, so in love with his mom and dad, wanting to show us how funny it is when he disappears around the back of the house and reappears again on the other side.

Magic. Pure magic.

Alex and I spent the rest of the available sunlight fetching fruit and vegetables for our dinner that evening. We cooked and loved one another, we laughed and dreamed together straight into the night.

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