I’ve known Bianca and JP for years. From the first time we met, our friendship felt like gold! I’ve been so lucky to have been there for so many of their precious moments, that when it came to photographing their birth of their baby boy, I was asked WAY in advance to be there!

Everything was prepped and ready, this would be my first birth, and what better way to experience a first than with a family you’ve been in love with for so very long. We were so excited, and the countdown began.

And then the lockdown came.

With COVID-19 making its appearances all over the world, hospital restrictions and protecting Mom and baby were of the utmost importance, but of course, this was heartbreaking none the less. I knew I’d have to wait a little longer to meet you, Tiny T.

2 months after Logan was born, into this strange new world filled with masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing, I was able to meet this precious little human and spend a few, raw, and real hours with some of my most favorite humans. We laughed, and cooed, and listened to his requests. Mostly for some milk, and to be carried by his daddy in one specific way so his tummy felt better.

I left there feeling full to the brim. The love I have for this couple and their boy is insatiable, and words can’t describe how proud I am of these brave humans for all of the challenges they’ve conquered in such a short, and difficult time. I love you guys.

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