It’s exceptionally rare to find friendships like this. I met Janne the previous December when I fell off of my horse and broke a part of my spine. Through friends, he popped up and offered me physio advice on how to heal, and built my confidence back up. We spent new years together. Me, wrapped up in my backstrap pretending to be hunky-dory, surrounded by friends, and (after some good-old tequila) I was having a blast.

He and his beautiful wife, Kaman, had just moved to South Africa a few months before that. They had their second child here, in October 2019. Playing dice games once a week, over wine, and delicious food and we all became friends very quickly. You can tell a lot about people by the way their children behave, and these two boys were as sweet as strawberries.

After months of me chasing their boys around with my camera, we finally decided to do this family session and spent the day together. From waking up from seriously long cat-naps to playing in the garden and giggling from ear to ear. It was a day in the life of this marvelous family.

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