Our friendship bloomed immediately over email. Hearing about Kerry & Thinus, they spoke my language and already I found myself totally in love with them and their story.

They invited me to Cullinan, a little town on the outskirts of Pretoria. I packed my friend Chloe, my gear, some snacks, and a bottle of bubbly, and we hit the road, with plans to meet them on Thinus’s family game farm.

In the distance, we could see an old Toyota bakkie, ready and waiting for us at the gate. They got out, we hugged and introduced, and headed straight out. Chloe and I changed seats, trying to keep up with Thinus. Crazy, old me decided to pretty much launch myself out of the moving car to get a few dusty snapshots of them driving ahead of us.

“Who the hell is this chick?”, they must have been thinking! 

We settled at the old barn, and got chatting about our worlds and their beautiful love story. Thinus already teaching me about Duiker Buck, and how they mate for life. Two geese slowly waddled up to us. One of them quite pissed off that we were there who then started dancing and hissing at us. I pretended not to be utterly terrified, and Thinus had a full-on farmer standoff with the guy. Eventually, Thinus won with his waving arms and hissing in return, and he waddled away to join his friend and make territory somewhere else.

They were so flipping cool. Thinus, the ultimate gentleman, opening up the door and helping Kerry into the vehicle (Every single time, I might add). Kerry, the fullest ray of sunshine you’ll ever meet, with a heart SO big and a smile to match. With the both of them so visibly happy to be in the presence of each other, it felt like something made only for the movies!

We spent hours wandering around the gigantic property, from doing the robot dance to their favorite playlist (Chloe holding up the boom box like something out of the ’90s) to Thinus popping the bottle of bubbly with a precision aim and giving Kerry the fright of her life. Cheers to a brand-new friendship, born out of storytelling. We laughed the whole day. We fell totally & utterly in love with them, and we left, with exciting plans to watch the stars together in the months to come.

Next year, it’s wedding time! I have butterflies already.




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