Traveling is by far one of our favorite things to do, and because we’re currently based in the most beautiful country in the world (South Africa) we have access to all of the neighbouring African countries.

Ricardo’s father lives in Mozambique, and for our first time together, we decided, on a whim, to spend a week there. We packed the car, gave our house keys to our besties, and hit the road for a delicious adventure.

It’s about a five and a half-hour drive from Johannesburg, and both of us live for driving on the open road. As you start to get closer to the border, the weather changes, as does the scenery. From dry bushland with Camel-thorn trees scattered around you to banana tree forests hugging the two-lane highway. The air becomes denser and hotter, the sweat starts to roll. Our smiles grow wider!

Across the border, you step into a time-warp. First things first, we grab ourselves an ice-cold Coca-Cola from one of the street vendors lining up along the border road, crank up our favorite tunes, and set on for Ric’s father’s house in Matola, which sits just outside of Maputo.

Leaving the hustle behind, the Mozambique mentality and way of life quickly sets in. I say quickly because before you know it, you’re moving at mozam-speed, stuck in traffic with the most chilled people you’ve ever seen. The heat slows everything down, the people walk a bit slower, smile a little longer, laugh a little harder. Life is taken less seriously, and it’s exactly the contrast you need to sink your teeth into and enrich the soul.

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