I’ve known this beautiful family for almost 6 years. My younger brother, Bash, happens to be madly head over heels in love with their only daughter, Genna, and they just happen to be the most adorable, Instagram worthy couple that has ever existed. (Biased, right?)

This family session had been a long time coming, and when the stars finally aligned, we took the opportunity to make a full-blown adventure out of it! We met early in the morning, packed the Land Rover’s full of dogs, and other super important essentials, for the perfect day spent out in the mountains.

Ladybug Hill, dubbed by Jodi and Adrian many years before, holds a super special space in their hearts. We could think of no better place to spend the afternoon hanging out in the winter sunshine and holding space for one another.

Before you know it, the sun starts to set. Watching it creep slowly towards its final destination, breathing in the fresh, crisp air, and soaking in the final moments of a perfect day, it truly marked a celebration of love. Of family. Of togetherness.

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Pretty cool capture of the day Jess, thank you you have the eye and made memories yet again ! xx

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