“Let’s get dressed up again, and redo our wedding photos!”

Zanmarie & Stephan called me up the one day and asked if we could go on a little adventure. True to me, I’ll never turn down the opportunity to witness some magic! So the planning began. I had shot her bridal shower, second-shot their wedding day and now almost a year later, all they wanted to do was travel back in time.

From the moment we met, we felt like we were long-lost friends. That friendship has grown over the years, and so have the adventures. This one is a throwback to the day we decided to go hiking in a nature reserve, dressed to the nines for a sunset redo. She felt like an absolute queen in her dress again, and Stephan kept us laughing the entire time.

They wanted their new story to feel a little formal, but a lot more fun, so that’s what we did. Goodness, don’t they look incredible?

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