It's me, Stessica Jerk.

(One of my many ridiculous nicknames)

I’m goofy as hell, and I love what I do. When I’m not adventuring around capturing cool stories, I’m barefoot, running around with my furbabies, doing yoga in any ounce of sun I can find, and working on my side hustle. (Drum roll… Life-coach loading!)

I've spent 10 years getting to know the world through a lens.

And, I got it from my Momma.

...Who got it from her Momma. Yep, that's right!

Three generations of power female photographers. I grew up having my realness documented relentlessly. They taught me everything I know, and honestly, they're the reason I believe in magic.


I'm not about just showing up with a camera and shooting.

I'm here to be more than that for you. This isn't just about the output, this is about the experience. YOUR experience.

It takes two to tango, right? I don't just create for you, I create with you. In the end, I want these photos to be more than just photos to you.

Now, It's your turn to tell me all about you

Let's go on an adventure, and create something magical.

What_to_expect_the_experience_jesssterkphotography_investment What_to_expect_the_experience_jesssterkphotography_investment

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